The word Fillers is used as a generic name for several different substances that are used when filling folds and wrinkles or want to create volume in a particular area.

The substance used is chemically formulated and should mimic the Hyalyronsyra Naturally in the body.

You inject fillers into the wrinkles and creases you want to straighten.

The treatment is used worldwide for lip enhancement and in the treatment of skin depressions, usually wrinkles and scars.

Belotero is a clinically developed product that gives a very soft and natural aesthetic result that lasts a long time.

Always start with consultation

We recommend that you always start by getting in on a free consultation before you decide to start a treatment.

Then you will meet our licensed doctor where you together go through your wishes and what you want help with.

During the consultation we tailor a treatment that suits you, but also tells you about the possibilities and risks of the treatment.

Then you take a joined decision if a treatment is to be done then you book a time for treatment.